Born To Love Joy, But Dying To Keep It Alive Poem by Bill Darrah

Born To Love Joy, But Dying To Keep It Alive

Are people born to love joy only to find out much later in life they forgot to keep the feeling of joy alive when they needed it the most as if people believe they don't deserve to feel joy when their life is almost over? God our creator has another idea though. When people reach the critical age of dwindling youthfulness, that's when people should not feel sorrowful that they have lost the joy of life they once enjoyed. Instead, people should be preparing themselves for the promise of a heavenly eternity of the afterlife they are about to experience, and until that experience has actually happened people are to welcome it with as much joy as God had creating people in the first place. So as a thank you to God our creator, the reward of people's joyful living ought to be given back to God with MORE passion than the joy people lived with here on Earth.

People are born to live life to the fullest extent of joy possible.
That is why life is such an amazing gift because children rarely
Have to be taught how to thoroughly enjoy their lives.
Joyfulness is so naturally soothing to those people who seem to dread aging so as people age early in life, most everyone enjoys their incredibly energetic youthfulness to such a highly fulfilling degree of peace and gratitude aging is never a burdensome issue like it is later in life when all the joy a person has experienced seems to require some sort of replacement for the reality of a person's aging
Problems the person can't seem to slow down or reverse anymore with a
Proper diet, medicine, and as much exercise as the body can handle.
Isn't it ironically fascinating how some bodies can age slowly while other bodies age much faster than they should? With that in mind, shouldn't a person's joyfulness to live be just as permanently experienced as aging always is to allow at least the faith believing possibility that joy should endure throughout ALL the person's life regardless of how much more life the person has been allowed to live?
For those people who believe in God as wholeheartedly as they claim to
Believe and live by those valuable standards of a redeeming salvation
In an eternity of PURE joyfulness with more peace than Godly people
Will ever be able to experience in their lives on Earth, the joy of living should never leave a person's mind or heart. In my humble opinion, God intended life to be lived like this: highly energetic early in life to help ensure joy of the maximum satisfaction of the youthfulness for exercising the body to the most potential gratitude for a person's healthy life regardless of how great the person's health really is, so that the only true feeling the person wants
And needs to feel is joy when the body no longer physically agrees to prolong the feeling of joy for the person to enjoy a longer life.

Saturday, April 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: joy,life and death,love and life
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