Clear Thoughts........ Poem by Bill Darrah

Clear Thoughts........

Why am I here?
Why am I typing these words?
Whose life can I change or
Improve through the message
Of my words of thought-
Silent actions of my mind
Trying to explain the importance
Of my physical actions that I
Am doing right here, right now
To my physical being and purpose
For the creation of my body,
Mind, heart, and soul?
Why am I blinking?
Why am I breathing?
Is air forever going to be there
For me when I need it the most?
Why do I feel my heart pounding
And hear its thumping?
Surely my bodily functions
Signify some level of importance
Or else I wouldn't still be able
To continue typing these words
To you right now or look at them
To make sure I am spelling them
Correctly and capitalizing the
First letter of each line.
Does this simplicity of thought
Surprise you or does it sound
Way too ridiculous and absurd
To think about?
When you look at these words
Is your eyesight taken for granted
As if you will never lose sight
Of its importance to your health
In reading the importance of these
Words that you take for granted as
Well as your thoughts behind
What meaning you attach to these
Words I so simply stated?
Does this simplicity of thought
Now spark an interest in yourself
That wasn't there until these words
Were typed?
Do you wonder what I am trying to
Say with these countless words,
Phrases, and questions or do you
Wish I would stop asking so many
Questions so that you can finally
Begin to answer them in your own
Way of thinking, so I can listen and
Learn to grow from your thoughts
To present much more intriguing
Questions for you to respond to?

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