Bubbles Poem by Jim Yerman


Rating: 5.0

What is it about bubbles…not only do they make us feel good…
but they have a way of instantly transporting us…back to our childhood.

I wonder…as we watch bubbles…soaring high up to the sky
if it's possible to be angry when a bubble passes by.

One of the things I love about the mountains…about life in general, as we ascend…is all the wonders…all the surprises waiting around every bend.

We had been at the cabin for a while when as a new day before us dawned…Deborah came running out of the bedroom…she'd found a bubble wand.

The wand was filled with bubble solution…it hadn't yet run dry
when Deborah pulled it out and said…let's give these bubble a try.

As we watched perfect bubbles forming and floating all about
immediately our hearts opened up…and let our children out.

We lost all track of time…the two of us…standing there…
Watching bubble after bubble dancing in the air.

Watching some soar up to the sky…trying to catch the ones that dropped…
laughing…just like children when certain bubbles popped.

Playing with the bubbles as they surrounded us was a wonderful endeavor
while at the same serving as a reminder how nothing lasts forever.

Another way of reminding us…as countless bubbles passed
to enjoy each moment knowing…the moment will not last.

Reminding us as we grow older..to take the time play and scream and shout…
and even when there are no bubbles…to let our children out.

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