Buddah On The Dash Poem by Jim Yerman

Buddah On The Dash

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With a Jewish father and a Catholic mother on vacations we were always unsure what to do
Was it St. Christopher or Yahweh who would hear our prayers…on road trips…we never knew.

We finally came up with a plan that we knew couldn't be wrong….
We decided we'd be safer if we let both of them ride along..

As I grew older I never found a religion I could completely get behind…
So I've tried to follow one doctrine every religion possesses…in two simple words…Be Kind.

But that doesn't stop me during a vacation on a road trip short or long….from riding with my St. Christopher's medal…and bringing all the Gods along…

Allah, Jesus, …Brahman…I invite whether traveling in this country or abroad…
I even ask the Buddha (who never professed to be a God) .

But they all believed in being kind…a wonderful epithet….
besides…when it comes to road trips and vacations…I like to hedge my bets.

Which is why on this road trip you'll find many a God riding with me…on my shoulders…unabashed…
you'll also find St. Christopher in my pocket…
and the Buddha on my dash.

Nabakishore Dash 11 May 2022

Be kind' is really advocated in all religions.But still we are involved in all unkindness.I don't understand what religion man follows.Enjoyed your excellent poem dear poet Jim.

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