Bully. Poem by J.A McManus


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Your words will never hurt me
Above them, I shall always rise
Like warm air that escapes high
Into the winter’s sun kissed skies.

Your hate does not infect me
To that illness, I am immune
I don’t want to be like you
I like to dance to my own tune.

Your punches I do not feel
For I am so far, far away
Safe in my own little land
Where pain does not visit or stay.

So go ahead and beat me
Bully me, if it makes you grin
Just know you will not break me
Because bullies can never win.

Raymond Smith 19 January 2010

Bully for you John! Excuse the pun but it seems to fit! There's a terrific resonance here in your choice of words to all bullies and it rings out loud and clear.

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John Weber 09 December 2009

I enjoyed this one, J.A., and the message it conveys. Truly, empowerment comes from within under vast pressure. Warm regards, John.

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Terence Nabbs 30 November 2009

hi john good subject. I hate bullies or should i say cowardsevery bullie should read this victorious poem, terence

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Lady Grace 27 November 2009

this is nicely done.........ur are right....i agree with you..

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Joseph Poewhit 27 November 2009

Bullies are really cowards and stay in groups.

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J.A McManus

J.A McManus

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