Little Ones. Poem by J.A McManus

Little Ones.

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Little ones never wish
Your young lives away
Live for the here and now,
Remember today.

Please don’t forget to
Laugh often and loud
And seek silver linings
In every dark cloud.

And even when life falls
Apart at the seams
Choose not to give up on
Yourself or your dreams.

Don’t try to hinder love
Whatever it’s form
Everyone needs shelter
To weather life’s storm.


I can see these words would work well in a song as lyrics. The opening line is so true as young ones can't wait to grow older and yet, life goes by so quickly. To laugh, have hope and the gift of love are important too as inspirational words for a song. love Karin

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Luwi Habte 04 October 2009

little ones, this is so nice piece also advice is accepted luwi

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James S Newcomb Lang 13 January 2010

Nicely phrased and easy to read

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Terence Nabbs 23 October 2009

john you really are trying to make me cry, when my kids left home I cried the wife asked me why I was crying, I want my children back then we both cried true, make the most of them.terry

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Ivor Hogg 14 October 2009

nicely presented in rhyming couplets

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Anne Unknown 06 October 2009

you were right: I do like it. although there is a mistake in the spelling (whar's=what's) . but I did enjoy it, that's why I gave you a ten.

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Philip Winchester 04 October 2009

Little ones, Ah the Memories. I have been writing Poetic notes to my own little ones for Forty Years. I can see the Love you have. It radiates through your Prose. Nice Poem Daddy

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J.A McManus

J.A McManus

Carlisle, Cumbria
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