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“Do not fear us — fear God! ”,
The notice in the visa office says,
But is that what they really mean?
I fear not! For bureaucrats,
And minor Ministry officials
In all countries are the same,
They wear dark suits, they do not smile,
Those men who exercise the power
To refuse. They never bend the rules,
Those rules they say they do not make

But just apply. Oh the pleasure
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Scarlett Treat 18 June 2006

Right On the Dot, and here is the 'Old' saying that proves it: POWER CORRUPTS, AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY! Great write Pete...Scarlett

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Julia Klimenova 16 June 2006

I know exactly what you mean, Peter! Such a familiar picture: (I always feel low a day before and after confronting them.

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Ernestine Northover 12 June 2006

There is no softness in business now Peter, sadly. No one wants to see the other side of the coin. Too busy hanging on to their jobs. Good write, so true. Love Ernestine XXX

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Emma Johnson 12 June 2006

So it is a universal language. Apt. Susie xx.

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Anna Russell 12 June 2006

I know just how you feel. I love the line about them being hen pecked a thome. Hugs Anna xxx

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