C. S. Lewis Poem by Ben Gieske

C. S. Lewis

Rating: 3.1

C. S. Lewis knew all about Narnia,
a country somewhere beyond Sylvania.
There’s only one way to get there.
You have to hide in a wardrobe and scratch your hair.

But you shouldn’t want to go there.
An old, mean, wicked witch is living there.
Be careful when you’re hiding in a wardrobe.
If you itch be sure to pull your ear lobe.

Irene Clark-hogg 24 July 2009

I love the Narnia stories, thanks for the wonderful memories. And maybe I am that witch. lol Irene xx

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Meggie Gultiano 15 April 2009

I love this, Ben.Enjoyed reading this

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Aine Ní Leidhin 30 January 2008

Nice - just reading it and I was transported to the world of my imagination. The wardrobe had a steering wheel but once it took off into the sky, it collided with the clouds because there were no traffic lights - made of stars of course****. and the moon)) served as the Navigator. Kind regards Aine

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Alison Cassidy 26 January 2008

A wonderful reminder of children on laps listening with wide eyes to tales of mystery from a far-away land. Thanks for the reminder. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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