Call Poem by Aranthabailu Ummar


Rating: 5.0

A call of hue resonance blew from tomb
the pegions gathered at the ground of shrine
waiting for as rightful seeds from a Mercy

The light not penetrating from the wall crack
the pegions entry gate remains as dumb ghost
with kurkure noice they start pick the seeds up

The shrine tomb will blow 5 times a day
when men at rush she wake up for her turn
turning to god leave her wish for a desire

What a calm heaven that hut
the move of pegions will not make hurt
the share her feeling of love to come true

Her bribe to god not for heaven sake
but grant him early within a sun rolling
but not listened since mane more great years

For the call of this dawn from the tomb
For first time she got it asdisturbence
where many rushing, decided to stick on bed

Broken emotions flew it as streams of rainy day
admire of falls odds deepen the sad wound
nock of the door sound imbibed birds to shell

After the wake up of sun of the day
the lazy move, wound mind drawn her to out from hut
at the door she found a unbelievably body of moonly light

Unwritten Soul 15 September 2011

This is genuine writing and has a style of you, 'will blow 5 times' that such a big meaning here and 5calls in a day would be a good reminder to have such calming :) 'bribe to god'..I know you mean very good to tell but, saying Bribe is not really suitable i guess...Seems like it taken by God..maybe you can try some other words..the words of love coz it refers to Him..Over all this is nice writing and i like it :) _Unwritten Soul

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