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I can't stop missing you

Sitting in a gloomy place

I love the smiling you

I love the smiling you
Oh I love the smiling you

Amazing Earthly beings
No they are not divine

Your Beautiful Smile

Life is a mystical winding
Woven around happy and sad things

Zenith of Love

The stir you've created
Love has inflated

Gold melts from the God's tomb
Only to be nurtured in mom's womb

Hola! a small world is in ecstasy

Sky looks an angel in orange gown
Birds enchant beautiful sounds
Clouds run to be sky's crown
Winds blowing swiftly

The very first dropp of rain
Makes my heart go insane
Fragrance of the earth's aroma
Enraptures and fills my body's stoma

I Kept On Walking

Fixed my eyes on the world
Strived to be a free bird

Lets Dance To The Tune Of Lust

The world says hush
It's not the time to rush

Embraced in Seraph's wings
I had my last sight
New world to a new world
I was flying like a kite

Sitting on the river's shore
Mesmerized by its beutiful Lure
Ornated by blossoming flowers
Summon the avians from far n far

O My friend
I just had my supper
Wondering why I'm telling you

The Fantasy Land

Sweeping away all the griefs
Turning everyone as heart's thief

The Wandering Gypsy

Looking at the prop roots of Banyan
Immense hold of its territory

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Life is beautiful...want to rejoice it to fullest)

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I Cant Stop Missing You

I can't stop missing you

Sitting in a gloomy place
Enjoying life's aloof phase
I Kindle my soul
With your love's environment
To breathe my only assignment
Every moment your presence renew
I seek far and wide for you
Because I can't stop missing you.

My life's getting dragged
Memories are getting stacked
Wish to listen your loving whispers
Fulfil your desires as your ambassador
Understand your heart's hunches
Despite, bearing life's punches
The cosmos paints a vanishing hue
But I can't stop missing you

Everyday is a haunting raid
Still early to go into Hades
Seems I've lost in the crowd
Light years from your beautiful sound
My heart wants to run and eschew
But nothing can part me from you
As I can't stop missing you

Seems I'm in an endless queue
Perspiring like morning dew
Everyday is a new Halloween
The Ghost is always following
But nothing can part me from you
As My heart just seeks for you
Because I can't stop missing you

Freespirit Juneja

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The Lastdon 05 April 2012

good work, if i were you i would dig my nails into my writing, you have allot of good writing, get into it a little more.

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Faith Fimano 20 April 2012

I realy liked your biography. :)

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Neela Nath Das 21 April 2012

The Sky of the poem hunter is getting brighter by You!

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Patrick 18 September 2020

You are one of my best poets alive.

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Unwritten Soul 20 September 2012

Return to the sky my friend, my white your thoughts to fly with the clouds, may sun also smiling reading your poems again and the dark universe turn blue sky...Sharad you have a good idea in writing good poem, must keep writing it when you free, no matter if you want post or no, be free as your spirit so you will release all burden without anchoring you down...! Be happy my fella_Unwritten Soul

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Rick Elpers 27 May 2012

You requested me to read Smile of love, expression of love. I very much like them, that you know what love actually is. Beautiful illustration of an emotion that lives purely in the spirit. Edit spelling. As we all need to. But your expression is just what it needs to be, your love and to convey to us that perfect gift from god. Please keep writing.

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Madhavi Grace 19 May 2012

loved your poem..................I cant stop missing you

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Arjun Sheokand 25 April 2012

read your some of poetical work left a mark on brain nice work

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