Candle In The Wind Poem by David Beckham

Candle In The Wind

Rating: 5.0

Some days I wish I couldn’t read
So I could stare at words which are painful and laugh
Some days I wish I couldn’t see
So everything that brought tears in plain sight I wouldn’t know
Some days I wish I didn’t have a heart
That way, I'd save a ton of water from all my tears

It is for me that pain was made
If my sorrow of course you tallied
Or my tears, matter of fact you weighted
You would be up Manjaro and back
And I’d still be counting my sorrow
For each sorrow is heavy indeed

Like burning candles in the wind
Not a shade from me, not a shade from you
Our friendship so young to live inside
Where is spring? Where is the love?
The light is out, the wind is strong
Yet, the night is too young to say good bye

I am lost for words.

Ken E Hall 09 April 2011

Ppain and heart ache thru the poem some days we wish indeed..very nice to read the candle in the wind...regards

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Rekha Mandagere 07 March 2011

Great poem. I liked the tone and the flow of the poem.Thanks

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Chidiebube Onye Okohia 01 March 2011

Great! ! ! Great poem David, but u tone is kinda 'down' but really nice.

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Steven Federle 26 February 2011

Excellent poem, David! Your control of tone is great... great imagery and depth of thought. Wonderful! Steve

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Jameel Ahmed Ansari 24 February 2011

You have so elegantly narrated pain and sufferings that occur out of separation from our beloved. The pain is such that the one who endures only he/she can feel.. This poem of yours touches the heart to the core. Really gr8 work by you..Keep it up.

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