The Man Behind The Dark Glasses Poem by David Beckham

The Man Behind The Dark Glasses

Rating: 4.4

The man behind the dark glasses
Motionless in bed like a flag with no wind
Expressionless in bed like a still lake with no ripples
The race against death, lost
Confined in hospice
The clock ticks and time flies in “Eko”
Empathy in full supply
Removed from life amongst the census of the living
He draws breath from the wind across the face of the lake
His life in apparition, from BC to AD
Reduced to a vegetative state, he remains obedient to his fate and call
No need to cry now, his time is near

His life in a bottle sailing through a cave
The shadow of death looms large like Dying Gaul
Perils of falling stalactites
Broken bottles, broken dreams
Broken boats, lives, sailing out in open lakes
In remission, in darkness and silence
In withdrawal, in shock and awe
He slumps
There is light at the end of the tunnel
There is light at the end of the cave
There is joy around the world
He lives on

'Eko' is what the natives of Lagos, Nigeria (Yorubas') call the capital city.

Terence George Craddock 06 March 2011

There is light at the end of the tunnel There is light at the end of the cave There is joy around the world He lives on I poem of deep inspiration and exceptional beauty. A poem concluding in hope at the end of the tunnel. 10+++ Excellent

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Louis Cecile 05 March 2011

Excellent poem. The beginning starts well to portray the emotions and the scene. I like the flag metaphor and the stillness of the poem.

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Ravi Sathasivam 04 March 2011

Very deeply touching poem Well penned Thanks for sharing with me

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Rhonda Hiler 04 March 2011

Very deep / really touched me and almost feel it..beautiful work

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Ifeanyi Eze 04 March 2011

A very touching poem, i can taste tha pain

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Hans Vr 04 September 2011

David, This is another of your very nice poems. Very deep and reflective and the images used are very well chosen. A good piece of poetry.

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Unwritten Soul 08 March 2011

The wind of style now make the motionless flag to dance in the the magic of your writing :) , well done David Beckham u strike it well...i love the part of 'broken boat' and broken bottle...but i think there's a lot of great lines there....'no gesture' really help me to say my words..but i want to tell 1-NICE N GOOD JOB! -Unwritten soul

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Marieta Maglas 07 March 2011

well penned portrait, nice symbolistic poem

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Narayanan Ramakrishnan 07 March 2011

great writing. whatever i wanted to say, all others have echoed in their views. Very poignat and sharp realism penned beutifully.

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Kannan G 06 March 2011

Exceptional flow of thoughts! The second stanza (in sharp contrast to the first one which lays so beautifully the ground for the second one) is an epitome of the power of positive thinking. May your pen be able to produce more such poems of life and inspiration...

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