Ophelia Poem by David Beckham


Rating: 4.6

Down in the burrow; my heart, Ophelia
She came at my weakest and cursed my heart to dream of her
Her oils, flame my love so that
My thoughts, watered for days with: the taste of her waist and thighs
And lips and mouth and face
What is that underneath your skin Ophelia?
That packs a punch like a waterfall,
To knock me off my strides and into your loving arms?
Arms, soft like snowflakes,
With breath, gentle like the wind
Dancing in the wind; me. Cast in angelic wings, you; Ophelia
Right, how I chased the flesh that smell like morning sprinkled in snow
Her shadow, large, patched against the moon at night
Twinkling stars, silhouette of Ophelia in the sky
Reflections of Ophelia on the black ocean. Shimmering.
Swimming in the ocean of love, Ophelia and me
Wash my face, touch me, Ophelia
Wet my tongue, quench my thirst, Ophelia
Amongst heavens, but in my mind. Always, in my heart
For her heart is like the calling of the birds in the safari
With every call Ophelia makes, my heart yearns for her love
Two Doves and one heart, two birds and one love
Even in the quiet of the night and darkness of my eyes
Still, her silhouette; Ophelia, come about to stay
'Ophelia, Ophelia, do not turn around, I forbid you! '
'I have no desire to be with no one, but you'

Hazel Durham 05 January 2013

So tenderly written with great flair, a haunting melody of unquenchable love! ! Excellent write! !

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Poetheart Morgan 05 January 2013

Oh! my good Happy Ophelia! ! ! ! That is a song a tribute to love. Oh! blessed Ophelia, envied Ophelia. Beautiful Poet. TFS

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Aric Beers 05 January 2013

Nicely written. It holds your attention from beginning to end. Keep it up.

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Goodness Tchibueze 05 January 2013

...I chased the flesh that smell like morning sprinkled in snow And a heart that's like the calling of the birds in the safari... i love those lines. Good write!

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Ilaria Boffa 05 January 2013

ophelia is a wonderful evocative name to call our deepest desire. I felt it burning inside me too. thank u!

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Nicole Silvia 24 May 2017

Very passionate! Lovely and intense. I enjoyed it!

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Alex Lees 28 September 2013

Wow thats awesome good job Its beautiful

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Kuzo Freak 11 January 2013

awe[3 this is a really touching poem. it really portrays emotion and it's a work of art. keep up the good poetry...

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Caci Mattingly 06 January 2013

I like it, it's so sweet.: D

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Mona Martinez 06 January 2013

aaawww, such a beautiful poem. :)

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