Carpal Tunnel

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At first you note a tightness and
your grip has lost its youth.
It comes and goes, at last it stays
you ask for diagnosis.

'Oh, Carpal Tunnel', so they say
a nerve that's pinched so badly
that you will only suffer more,
unless you see the surgeon.

What they do not, but should, of course
reveal the secret treatment
for most of those who suffer so
a vitamin, so simple.

So, do you wonder why the hush
when this is so effective?
And no one seems to know the truth,
Perhaps it is the money.

Cj Heck 31 October 2005

Herbert - so true. Please share the name of the vitamin. I have carpal tunnel and it's miserable. Warmest regards, CJ

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Elysabeth Faslund 15 July 2007

Oh, you bet it's the money! ! I used expensive braces until it subsided. Wish I had known this remedy before! ! Excellent poem about such a common ailment, common suffering! ! Bring on more, Herbert! ! xxElysabeth

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Fox Nekitsune 04 November 2005

i have excelent vitamin and mineral intake, i notice you have many health based poems, they are very good.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 31 October 2005

Anyone with carpal tunnel: Dr. John Ellis 'Vitamin B6 - The Doctor's Report' has all the answers (since the fifties) .Most libraries. Best H

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 31 October 2005

You are such the sales person! I'm coming to Australia/ Germany. We can make a fortune...LOL L

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Herbert Nehrlich1 31 October 2005

Look in your inbox. H

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