Colors Of Autumn Poem by jim foulk

Colors Of Autumn

Rating: 4.9

I can smell fall
in the air
my eyes behold
golden leaves as
they descend slowly
onto the ground
the dying of summer
brings on fall
oh, the wonder of it all.

The Autumn colors
such a splendid marvel
painted all around me
covers me with
feelings of compassion
knowing this beauty
that surrounds me,
is only for a short time
until all the land,
will be barren
on this spot,
where I stand.

Patti Masterman 04 April 2007

There is only one thing better than fall. A poem about fall. Lovely poem engages all the senses, and the heart must follow.

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Alison Cassidy 11 February 2007

Autumn is such an evocative time Jim and you have captured it beautifully in this gentle poem. There is always a certain sadness too - the leaves falling and then the empty branches and the cold and darkness of winter. I sometimes think to myself how short life is when measured in autumns. love, Allie xxxxxxx

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Sandra Fowler 08 February 2007

Even in the midst of autumn's rich landscape, we are aware of the brevity of beauty and the passage of time. But we can keep this season in the landscapes of our mind until, God willing, it comes back again. Wonderful write, Jim. Kindest regards, Sandra

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Ernestine Northover 31 January 2007

Awwwwhhhhhhh! ! ! ! ! This is delightful Jim, a lovely write and a pleasure to read it. You have captured autumn so very well. Applause! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Alison Smith 31 January 2007

A small death a small sleep and then a rebirth and growth again..... so are the changing seasons Alison

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