Christ And Krishna Poem by Wojja Fink

Christ And Krishna

Rating: 5.0

Are they really worlds apart?
When both ring bells deep in the heart
Krishna sings in the Bagavad Gita
Christ’s words carry an inner metre
Shining light from ages past
Tyrants come and go but their words hold fast
In Sanskrit verse tales unfold
In ancient Hebrew parables of gold
Both tongues rhyme the tick of time
Where east meets west in speech sublime

Professor’s talk and cast their doubt
The atheist and pundit at each other shout
Pages and pages of for and against
Galleries of pictures oceans of paints
Horses with chariots drag the senses
Those not convinced buy seats on fences
Nations come and flow through time
Most are forgotten in the sands of grime
In the mind of men there’s trouble in store
In the words of the wise there's safety ever more.

Dr Hitesh Sheth 16 April 2009

It is the same consciousness manifesting in different time according to need of the circumstances........The same will continue to manifest in future as promised in scriptures........Good Write...........

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Subroto Chatterjee 19 April 2009

Yes, Wojja, East meets West in many ways. They are different, and yet the same. God is the same...isn't it? ? Cheers. Subroto

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Ramesh T A 25 April 2009

Ages may come and go, nations may rise and fall, but words of Krishna and Jesus will go on forever guiding men generation after generation! For, they are voice of one God! Nice poem!

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C. P. Sharma 28 April 2009

All tongues rhyme the tick of space & time Where east meets west in speech sublime CP

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rago rago 29 April 2009

Sir, my beautitude is just essence of bhagavat githa (bliss and happiness in you) , and another chirst is the same view catching his feet........Amazing I am seeing in yur poems. Many a thanks for your kind sharing. Marks shows the quantity and it did not give much elevation. i deeply respect your kindness and thoughts. Please forgive me i am not the right to give marks.

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nice poem, , different topic that i haven't read all this time, inspiring words...10++++

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chris and krish..... both sounds well.....good one

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Indira Renganathan 07 May 2009

Today's world is racing fast for material victory which can provoke jealousy and hatred very easily...natural, men forget about Krishna and Jesus or understand their preachings to the level of men's convenience for fighting only...great thought

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Nereva Notswa 03 May 2009

As with all your poems I have heard, Wojja, it's inspiring!

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anurag duggal 03 May 2009

whoa bro i ma ashamed of my poems...reading this poem of your absolutely majestic fabulous fantastic anjali say it all anyways once she has commented i am ashamed to add too much fab fab fab

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