Colchester Poem by Wojja Fink


Rating: 5.0

June in Hythe.

Down in Hythe by the river side
Where the reeds are growing five feet wide
Cherries hang in fruitful tree
In allotments tended lovingly
Swallows glide in harmony
In the meadows by the town.

Within the park by the Roman Keep
Stands a cold grey stone in history deep
From the civil war that made men weep,
Up on the hill the view is wide,
As the sunsets orange at evening tide.

Buildings yawn from ancient times
Creaking gables, coloured limes
Roman wall built with hands
All now passed like shifting sands
Sagging rooftops on the move,
But to the eye they still approve.

Twisted oaks no longer square
Hold up walls of horses’ hair
Mixed with plaster centuries old
Changing shape like molten gold,
Walls leaning, moving through the years
Fill builders’ minds with sinking fears.

In Colchester town where time recedes
On Roman walls now grown with weeds,
History calls from building shapes
In coloured forms of architectural drapes,
Up on the hill the view is wide,
As the sunsets orange at evening tide.

Sarwar Chowdhury 11 October 2008

Ammmmmazing thoughtful composition! .........10+

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Bob Gibson 14 October 2008

I see your minds eye view of home where memories do dance and roam i feel the beloning in your heart An English man from the start

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 22 March 2009

What a vivid description - excellent write this, enjoyable to read and visualize - Cindy

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Sandra Fowler 31 March 2009

You paint well with words. I love your sunset line. I am addicted to the western light. It goes with the territory of being a sunset traveler, I suppose. Captivating write. Ten without hesitation. warm regards, Sandra

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alice sunderland 15 June 2009

lovely stuff wojja! never been there - feel like id like it tho!

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Original Unknown Girl 13 June 2009

Fabulous imagery Wojja! ! Love this one.. like how you brought a place to life that I have never visited. HG: -) xx

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Subroto Chatterjee 27 April 2009

This one I'd rank as your best write so far....A photographic eye and a painter's brush for words. Forsooth...! ! ! ! Write on, Wojja, write on. Cheers. Subroto

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Ency Bearis 14 April 2009

a wonderful desciptive write...nicely written and to read...10

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~ Jon London ~ 11 April 2009

This piece is stunning, a bloom of colours and crisp textures through out the poem, wonderful painting of fine words 10+

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