Christmas - A Worldwide Celebration Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Christmas - A Worldwide Celebration

Joy keeps escalating at Christmas time
December keeps ushering Christmas joy;
Christmas bring families together with love
Christmas brings lovers together with hope
Christmas brings world together with warmth.

Everything changes to joyousness
as allurement brings hearts together
merriment brings minds together
the magic of unity brings families together;
people keep traveling miles to reach their homes
while children keep making cribs to bring Christ home.

The wonder of love keeps spiraling on the Christmas tree
as grandpa and grandma keep listening to carols
that keep playing loudly in the neighborhood
while Santa Claus keeps hiding on rooftop until midnight.

The glitter of love keeps sparkling in every household
as stars keep twinkling on Christmas trees
each one revealing the theme of the season
in its own way, in its own mood and melody.

And as Joy keeps accumulating in every home
Christmas keeps swirling with music and parties;
every lighted street, every home with mounted stars
has the same story to depict and tell
that though Jesus was born in a poor cowshed,
Kings visited Him with gifts of gold, incense and myrrh.

O' how well Christmas brings those visions of lore
Christmas makes everyone re-visit that little home
where Christ was born to love and lead the world
with kindness, gentleness and understanding galore.

And as Christmas keeps happening year after year,
will there ever be any person on this earth
who will not know of Christ and Christmas?
The exuberance it emanates makes every heart
to whisper "Merry Christmas"and the whole world instantly
echoes back with the same words - "Merry Christmas to you".

The power of Christmas so worldwide
the holiness of the season so endless in time,
the zest of celebration in young and old.
Christmas the festivity the world celebrates;
Christmas the truth, the promise, the hope
that love shall exist today as it was yesterday,
that love should exist in all our tomorrows
that this world full of love should last forever.

Christmas - A Worldwide Celebration
Jesus' Message to the world - Love one another as I have loved you.
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