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Rating: 3.5

I wish I could be you're Cinderella
I wish I could meet you at a ball and
You find my glass slipper and bring it back
Then sweep me off my feet
Take me away in that carriage
Let it just be you and I
Let me be your one and only princess
I want to be your Cinderella
Oh please let me be your one and only Cinderella

September 13,2007
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Khairul Ahsan 06 July 2013

Oh please let me be your one and only Cinderella Loved this line. Every teen age girl has a yearning like this at some point in time in their life. Hope your prince charming took notice of this.

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Lilly Howard 18 February 2010

Omg i loveeeeeeeee this poem! ! ! ! it sounds just like me! ! ! haha dont u just loveeeeeeeeee fairytales :) GREAT WORK! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! P.S. Luv tha username! ! ! !

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Megan Ewing 23 December 2009

Ah fairytales if only they could be real. Such a nice poem. If you could please check out some of my poems.

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Keith Hendrickson 12 January 2009

hope your fairytale came true. a very very sweet piece of work

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*Trusting You* 29 November 2008

this is so cute... I really like this. well written. good job. Becca

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