Cloud Tree Poem by Jette Blackstone

Cloud Tree

Rating: 4.8

I settled into your
cumulous pillow,
dreamt of peacocks
running four corners of a fence
of breasts decoupaged
into wall paper for flies.

What I really wanted
while I was there
was to sing like you do,
to hold my arms up
above the coming rain,
rip open the seams
inside the music
and watch greys
spill to the dirt.

So I sang with a common crow
and he welcomed me
onto his wings
as we sailed through you
and landed in a dew-kissed
meadow that trilled.

I rooted into a tree
and branched through you
into the bluest of eyes
that finally saw me
the way I ached
to see myself.

Friday, October 13, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: birds,cloud,nature,self
Kumarmani Mahakul 13 October 2017

Perception of nature and life is very brilliantly presented in this cleverly penned poem. An amazing sharing is done here really.10

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Jette Blackstone 14 October 2017

Thanks so much Kumarmani. I appreciate your reading my work...and congratulations again, to you.

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Khairul Ahsan 22 April 2018

Expansive imagination and wonderful imagery nicely portrayed! I learned some new words, both from the poem and the comments, that will enrich my vocabulary. 'the bluest of eyes that finally saw me the way I ached to see myself' - the best part of the poem, the icing on the delicious cake!

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Bill Cantrell 11 December 2017

To rip the seams open inside music watching the greys spill out....that is so awesomely cool! ! ! I have written several poems of music being a guitarist myself, forgive me but I am jealous I didn't think of that, you found music in your cloud tree and this is a very unique on my favorites proud!

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Glen Kappy 19 October 2017

Hey, Jette. On this one I noted and took pleasure in the phrase “cumulus pillow.” Then read the words without “getting” them (perhaps because I’m a guy) until I got to the last two lines. In my life I am indebted to the girls, the women, who loved me when I didn’t love myself, who helped to accept myself. Glen

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Jette Blackstone 20 October 2017

I assume you didn't get the wallpaper reference? That came from a real life experience of a woman who created a wallpaper art piece as a part of her art school final. The meaning of such a piece alludes to the ways in which women become objectified and defined by their parts rather than their whole. Anyways, it was also strange and interesting to me, so I put it in this poem. And yes, this is a poem about acceptance. Thanks for reading Glen. :)

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Susan Lacovara 14 October 2017

Pretty, hardly does justice to this lovely piece, but it is the very fort thing came to mind. Your words, a riverly flow. Excellent.

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Jette Blackstone 14 October 2017

Thanks so much Susan. I think I found my joy in this one.

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Daniel Brick 13 October 2017

WOW! ! WOW! A friend of mine at PH who lives in Ireland awards some poems a DOUBLE WOW. For me this is one of them. I love your control of language because its precision allows my imagination to fly untrammeled. (It's analogous to a comic who doesn't laugh at his own jokes, freeing his audience to laugh.) This is a Poem of Self Recognition (that 's a term by Northrop Frye to identify the essential Romantic Age poem) . Your speaker has to undergo changes and trek several (probably interior) journeys to reach this awareness of who she is. I interpret her final statement as a provisional self image. She will continue to shape and hone it because there is so much plenitude within her soul.

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Jette Blackstone 14 October 2017

I love your commentary Daniel....and I LOVE the word trammeled....I will file that one away in my favorite words list. Life is always a journey isn't it? As poets, though, we get to fly on ours, grow wings, become trees, commune with our souls. Thanks so much.

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