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Laughing, joking,
New ways to play,
Act the fool.
Stunts always bring out
The best laughs,
Stunts lead to pain,
But it's not
The torturous pain
That lays deep inside,
Buried deep so as not to slip out

Amongst one's peers.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: emotion,emotional,torture

Well crafted with touching words......thanks for sharing...10++ .

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James G Brennan 16 July 2020

Thank you all so very much for your kind words, I can not see your responses here, however I can see them in my mail. A deep heartfelt thank you. James.

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Edward Kofi Louis 16 July 2020

" Of the audience it sought to delight" ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Mahtab Bangalee 16 July 2020

Excellent, excellent poem penned on the pathetic life of JOKER; full of life busy to make fun and to entertain others but it's true that the life of clown is very melancholic more than the lost of beloved; the poet very acquisitively crafted the life of clown......congrats for being this beautiful poem as POD.......it really deserves 10+

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Dan Reynolds 16 July 2020

Well written and thought provoking...

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James G Brennan. 27 July 2020

This is very frustrating for me not being able to reply to you all individually, so thank you for reading and your kind words... Dr Tony Brahmin. Rose Marie Juan-austin. Dear Soul Mate. Deepak Kumar Pattanayak Edward Kofi Louis Mahtab Bangalee Dn Reynolds Bernard F Asuncion Vrsha M Lyn Paul. So very appreciated. Bless all of you. James.

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James G Brennan 19 July 2020

I can now see all your wonderful comments, thank you so very much! ! I am unfortunately unable to see my replies to you. I shall keep trying over the days as this site really does not work very well for me. Keep well and bless all of you... James.

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Dr Antony Theodore 16 July 2020

Grasping for the other Masks on hand, Alcohol, Needles, Powder, Paid women of delight, Tortured clown and his soul. a very powerful graphic. tony

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A poignant and vivid portrayal of a unique life of a clown. A well crafted write. Congratulations !

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Dear Soul Mate 16 July 2020

it is a sad poem by and for a torturous soul

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