Coincidence Or Fate Love Poem by Abderrahmane Dakir

Coincidence Or Fate Love

I wonder if I met you by random chance,
That time I understood the meaning of romance.

You didn't live next door to me,
I didn't know how you chose me.

My mind was empty when you floated down,
My heartfelt changed when you knocked me down.

You landed as angel in my place,
For gazing deeply into my face.

Our eyes talked without words,
Our spirit fought without swords.

You severely burned my hope into ash,
When you threw my dream into the trash.

Later in life, I met you twice when I crossed the street,
In the right moment, your look locked me on my feet.

We both were surprising that coincidence,
We both were not expecting that incident.

The life's fate is powerful to meet us again,
To remember your lost love that causes pain,
Or get help my burns that still complain.

Coincidence Or Fate Love
Friday, April 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: broken heart,fate,heart love,heart song,heartache,heartbreak,love,love and life
Jack Daily 30 August 2020

What is the purpose of you writing this poem

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Conner lesson 14 September 2019

Thanks mr Dakar I’m using you poem for a school task

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Abderrahmane Dakir 15 September 2019

Thank you Conner for using my poem. I'm grateful.

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Edward Kofi Louis 02 April 2016

Lost love. Thanks for sharing.

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Abderrahmane Dakir 04 April 2016

Thank you M' Edward Kofi Louis for reading.

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