Abderrahmane Dakir Poems

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Family Connections

Our house was small, but it's full, all my family in it,
Men and women cooed, the elders laughed and children played,
Though no one complained or groaned. All like sprightly men.

Being Natural

You use the whiteners to light your skin,
I'm afraid you lead your body to pain.

You take medicine to lose your weight,

Be Mindful

You try working in any place,
Your mind has to be at peace.

You want to focus on an activity,

My Friend

If you want to hear their laughter,
Keep a distance from your lover.

If you want to strengthen your character,

My Favorite Free Time

I get energized by being alone.
At work, at home or on that stone.

To create a new idea, I need your light,

Your Smile

Your smile invites our
Thoughts to relax within your sight,
Troubles to melt in your path,
Senses to mesmerize in your eyes,

My Loyal Dog

My Dog has won competition in race,
I have learned to run in any place.

He comes to stay by my side in my loneliness,


After achieving my first goal, they tell me I've succeeded,
The next day, I was inwardly bored and very depressed.

Once I related myself to the One of limitless power,

Your Look

Your appearance lets me affected,
Your look in all time not changed,
Your principle as I know remained.
Your great clothes fit you well I liked.

The Counter Of Time

You want to count my age,
You are not kind enough tell me what I rage,
My skin and my hair turn a new page,
You are strong enough to keep me in your cage.

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