- Come To Me - Poem by Allen Steble The Philosophical Poet

- Come To Me -

Rating: 2.7

When troubles make themselves plenty
leaving the cup of your life half empty
when worries themselves number the many
and the bank of your joy reaches its last penny
when you just want a friend to hear
come to me
I'll be that ear

When the walls of your life come crashing down
and the smile of hope is but a frown
when the tears of sorrow dry upon your face
and the comfort you desire vanishes without a trace
when you just want a friend to see
come to me
I'll be that eye

When the loss of hope is too great
and the meaning in life is just an empty plate
when the raging downfall is an endless rain
and the puddles you step in are a stabbing pain
when you just want some shelter from the cold
come to me

I'll be your stronghold!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: strength,support
Marvin Brato 29 January 2014

True Friends stand by your side even in times of difficulties!

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Gert Strydom 29 June 2009

Deep words caught and written strong and simply great.

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Sandhya S N 26 June 2009

Thanks I will :) When your heart fill with warmth The poignant warmth of joy or sorrow Come with words those flush form heart To this site, the poem hunter We will be here anxiously To hear u with our open minds regards Sandhya

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Nikunj Sharma 23 June 2009

Nice poem, wish I could think like you, u have used simple wrds to explain deep meanings. Its a motivating poem

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