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Compatibility - Poem by Harley White

[Song Lyric]

Compatibility, compatibility—
What haven't we got?
Compatibility, compatibility—
Between us there's not

When love is a two-way street,
It can sweep you off your feet,
And time can be oh so sweet.
I'm talking about compatibility.

Compatibility is such a rarity,
Especially he and she solidarity.
With it life can be a hilarity—
Without it there's a definite disparity.

Compatibility, compatibility—
What haven't we found?
Compatibility, compatibility—
No getting around

When a man and woman mix,
All signals are go— not nix.
There's no unfixable fix.
I'm talking about compatibility.

Compatibility is like a mellow wine.
You savor the flavor, for it tastes so fine.
Even all your troubles can seem benign,
And there's no separation between yours and mine.

Compatibility, compatibility—
What thing haven't we?
Compatibility, compatibility—
It's easy to see

You know you're on the wrong track,
When white looks blacker than black—
Then move the front to the back.
I'm talking about compatibility.

Compatibility is like the birds and bees
Or observing your 'Qs' along with your 'Ps'.
It's like saying 'God bless you' to a sneeze
And finding that it's so very easy to please.

Compatibility, compatibility—
There simply is no
Compatibility, compatibility—
What didn't you show?

It's no good to compromise
Or try to rationalize.
If it's there, it will arise.
I'm talking about compatibility.

Compatibility is never hard to tell,
For you see that all your lines are parallel.
When it's right it's right, and you fit so well.
The enchantment you feel is a wonderful spell.

Compatibility, compatibility—
You cannot suppress
Compatibility, compatibility—
What don't we possess?

Not a bit, not a mite—
Not a speck, not a hair—
Not a drop, not a bite—
It just isn't there!

We may maintain civility,
Through diligent mental agility.
We might even find tranquility,
With exceptional versatility—

But that can't compare
With what we would share
If we had compatibility!

Topic(s) of this poem: challenges, fairy tale, relationships, song

Form: Lyric

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Included is a rough sound recording of me (Harley)singing the song when I first composed it.

Song Lyric, to music with a Latin beat, from my version of 'East of the Sun and West of the Moon', sung as female trolls compete to marry the prince...

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Image ~ Kay Nielsen ~ Norwegian Tales

From: One Two Three a Trilogy - Two - 'East of the Sun and West of the Moon' - a rendering in musical theater by Harley White - based on the version in Norske Folkeeventyr, collected and recorded by P.C. Absjörnsen and Jorgen Moe,19th Century

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