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Before The Big Bang

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What sparked the Big Bang?
Should we give a dang
how the experts debate
as to what might predate
it or seemed to exist?
Speaking for me,
I cannot resist
a fantasy spree
of drifting away in reveries vast
about our fabulous, fathomless past…
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Before The Big Bang
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: astronomy ,creation,fantasy,universe
Inspiration for poem came from an article at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, entitled 'The black hole at the birth of the Universe'…

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Before the Big Bang ~ Credit Image ~ courtesy of Perimeter Institute
Bill Cantrell 24 October 2018
There are those that don’t care of the before but we would all be forced to admit, our roots are tied to that gulf of which we cannot explain, I find myself here too, yes..with that fantasy spree of drifting into that fathomless past.this is no place for closed minds, and absolutes must bow in humility at what they may find....what a masterpiece of poetry, it should be poem of the day and year! ! I will recommend it to poemhunter!
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Harley White 25 October 2018
What a marvelous comment! Thank you so much! It seems to me that something had to come before the big bang and that there is more than we ‘know’. Besides my own fantasies, here is one of my sources: This article has a good video... http: //www.perimeterinstitute.ca/news/black-hole-birth-universe
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Bri Edwards 15 January 2018
oh! to MyPoemList. :) bri thanks for the Poet's Note.
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Harley White 16 January 2018
Thank you for your careful reading! I appreciate your comments...
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Bri Edwards 15 January 2018
but the answer to such a baffling question as how did 'it' all begin is not of interest to me. if God were to knock on our front door with a convincing proof of Her existence (now or in the past) , i MIGHT go to church again! and over coffee and cookies i could ask Her the 'question'. But, would She remember? She must be getting pretty OLD! ! ! bri ;)
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Bri Edwards 15 January 2018
more favorite lines: No, perchance the Big Bang just didn't befall. It might not have happened at all.................the poem is a tour de force, and i don't use that term lightly! in fact, i may NEVER have used it on PH before now, nor outside PH. :) (to be continued) ..
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Bri Edwards 15 January 2018
brane noun Physics an extended object with any given number of dimensions, of which strings in string theory are examples with one dimension. Our universe is a 3-brane...............Who knew? NOT BRI, me. some favorite lines: I've lived countless lives of fairytale scale, had fanciful dreams far beyond the pale, even conceived of scenario grand in multi-braned bubbled baffling land ...........(to be continued; my comment?) .....
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Jeremy Horsford 24 July 2016
Let's throw mud at a wall until something sticks. Interesting write.
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