From Dust To Dust Poem by Harley White

From Dust To Dust

Rating: 4.8

From dust to dust our lives are thrust,
while flames the candle's brief combust.
We leave the shelter of the bay,
unmindful night will follow day,
to launch our voyage, earn a crust.

All nature seems a sage august.
In paths of promises we trust,
not weighing dreams along the way
from dust to dust.

With age comes waning wanderlust.
The mortal frame's begun to rust.
In measured steps our scenes we play.
But even stars to death fall prey.
And yet there must be more than just
from dust to dust…

From Dust To Dust
Sunday, April 7, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: age,growth,life and death,nature,stars,voyage,youth
The poem is a rondeau ~ a short poem of fixed form, consisting of 13 lines (plus the phrase twice)on two rhymes and having the opening words or phrase used in two places as an unrhymed refrain.

Inspiration came from image and info ~ G54.1+0.3: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust…

A new image from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and Spitzer Space Telescope shows the dusty remains of a collapsed star. The dust is flying past and engulfing a nearby family of stars. Scientists think the stars in the image are part of a stellar cluster in which the supernova exploded. The material ejected in the explosion is now blowing past these stars at high velocities.

Image Credit: NASA/CXC/Univ. of Cambridge/G. Lansbury et al; Optical: NASA/STScI/W. Keel et al.
Bill Cantrell 07 April 2019

I never look for the math in your poems, though they are there as pillars holding up the true messages in your words...there is more than just dust to itself calls attention to this just by existence itself not to mention the emotions, love, hate, guilt, hope and countless others..needless to say. I love your poetry! !

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Harley White 07 April 2019

I always love it when you read my poems and comment! Your insights into what I am saying and your appreciation never fail to encourage me! Thank you so much!

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Harley White 12 April 2019

By the way, I just made a change in the first line of the last stanza. This is unusual for me, since I seldom alter words in my poems once I consider them finished...

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Bill Cantrell 22 April 2019

Well now, just look at you, I marveled at this poem when I first read it..I am thrilled that it was fittingly chosen as poem of the day, your poetry is extremely unique and so very proud my friend! By the way...good call on the change in the last stanza

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Harley White 22 April 2019

Thank you so much for your constant warm support of my poetry! I am truly grateful to have you for such a special reader! And I’m pleased that you liked my change at the end, too…

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Chinedu Dike 30 July 2021

Well conceived and nicely brought forth in verse with rhythmic splendour. An insightful piece of poetry written with conviction...

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Indira Renganathan 09 June 2021

Wonderful work...specially the last stanza...much inspiring

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Dr Dillip K Swain 12 April 2021

A brilliant poem with great inbuilt message! Admired the lyrical touch into the undertaken concept!

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Kostas Lagos 08 April 2021

Excellent poem. Interesting form

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Captain Cur 08 April 2021

The message and rhyme scheme work hand in hand and there are no dust-ups (except man and womankind) in this splendid write. To paraphrase your rhymes; 'let us trust in more than dust after we turn to rust.' Your poet notes are informative and wonderfully detailed!

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