Competition With God Poem by Chan Mongol

Competition With God

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Poem by Chan Mongol
January 3 of 2021

Horse used to run with enough strong horse power;

With more of that, we make engines now to run car.

Since ancient days, with trees, cattle, animal;

Things what seemed impossible became possible.

The life to continue and to carry on and on;

We never used then man made chemical, poison.

How beautiful those days with horses and cattle;

Around agriculture, trees, domestic animal.

With corrupted brains men are now making monsters;

Fraud medicines, bombs, guns, killer Corona virus!

We don't have anymore direct access to the nature;

Our rights were taken by the rotten academic power.

We were born as humans to live in own conscience;

But Satan is controlling men with the devil science.

We don't need manipulation and any outer influence;

We know how to live in own territories without violence.

I loudly tell them, I scream, I shout;

Don't pollute anymore, cut it out!

Sodom and Gomorrah got then God made missiles;

Soils will lose the fertility for man's nuke tests and trials.

God punished few people in a small dead sea territory;

Scientists targeting now whole earth against own adversary.

They use much more than horse power and God's nuclear;

Competition with god will leave here no heir, no survivor!

Odunayo Jacob 16 January 2021

so relatable

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 January 2021

Incisive and well crafted.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 January 2021

Very perceptive write. Thoughts to ponder about.

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Kostas Lagos 15 January 2021

Well crafted poem

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Chan Mongol

Chan Mongol

East Bengal (Bangladesh)
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