Consequences And Repercautions Poem by elena winters

Consequences And Repercautions

ones soulmate can last a lifetime
but how do you know your mate if you dont have a soul
see what you hear, hear what you see
think with your head, feel with your heart
take time to embrace light in the dark
embrace youself embrace the outdoors
connect to feel the ocean waves wash upon shore
be connected mentally, physically, emotional, sexually
then you'll discover your wants and desires
never take notes from those who chose to use whats below the belt or in between the thighs to attract the opposite sex
because that can only lead to regrets
be true to yourself know whats best for you
dont let others try to control you dont take advice from the lonesome
because in the end of the situation you'll have to deal with the


Abraham De La Torrre 28 November 2008

I'm at work, Breeze Breeze, so won't be able to give a thorough appraisal of your poetry. I read through Repercautions (liked the intended pun) and will comment on it later. Then, when I have more time, I'll read on. So far, I like what I saw.

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Ben Gieske 14 November 2008

The ending is insightful. I like the repacautions. A lot of good advice.

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Reshma Ramesh 27 October 2008

good advice........keep will get better

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Viola Grey 25 October 2008

'but how do you know your mate if you dont have a soul '....... you reeled me in with that line very much enjoying your work

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Sherif Monem 13 October 2008

Very interesting there are couple of lines bit too long try to shorten them up.

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