Joshua Aaron Guillory

Conversations With Duck About Peace, Morality, Desire, Giving, Perfection And More... - Poem by Joshua Aaron Guillory

Josh: Hey, Duck!

Duck: How are you doing?

Josh: I'm great, Duck. Thanks! And how are you?

Duck: Wonderful! Another perfect day in paradise.

Josh: I notice how you made eye contact. You didn't pretend to be speaking to me then look the other way at someone else. And even if you would have I still would have said, 'I'm great! Thanks.'' At least for today. That is not to say I'm not great or feeling great every day. But that shows that, if it was another day, I may have addressed my feeling great in another way.

Duck: Yes, looking at someone while speaking to them is a sign of respect. You can see the suffix of the word respect comes from ''specere'' which means to look at. And ''re'' the prefix of the word respect means ''again.'' In other words to respect someone is to look at them, acknowledge them or act like you know them, especially if you met them before, or in the deeper sense, if you met someone like them before. But I understand people who will speak and look away because other people will ignore them when they speak and in order for the person to keep good nature, without letting it bother them, it may be good for them to look away.

Josh: Yeah! And for some it may be necessary for them to consider that others may try to set them up. Because nowadays people have cameras and like to play games. Does that mean everybody uses cameras to play games, in a malicious or evil type of way? No!

Duck: I agree! Not everybody. I honestly think what determines what's good or bad is the intent. I think it's all about intent. The thoughts and intents of the heart. Is it good intent or bad intent? Is what you're doing, relative to you, good? And notice I did not generalize good to the greater good or highest good or some end good. Although our goal should be to live at the highest or best level we can. Truth is relative. And we must seek to understand it specifically and relatively.

Josh: 100! The judgment is within you. Only you truly know. And if you don't, you are not listening to yourself. You're listening to some religious, political, cultural or social creation.

Duck: You're right! And you do not have to prove this good to anyone. And the proof I speak of is inner morality. Someone may put a knife to you and say you better agree. If you agree by mouth it does not mean you agree by heart. It may be part of your heart to agree verbally for self-preservation.

Josh: That is true! Dissimulation may be necessary for self-preservation. It's mainly perception. It's how you feel about what you've done. You may feel guilt because you did not approve or know to approve of dissimulation. But you may also consider the greater good. If you didn't agree verbally, maybe you could have inspired someone to have the courage not to agree if they were confronted with a similar situation. Courage is essential for freedom but so is wisdom. And that courage could lead to his death just like it could lead or have led to yours.

Duck: And how do we know if not verbally agreeing was a death-bluff?

Josh: Only the person to whom the situation is presented could know rightly what to do. Only each of us know what is right for us to do. It is instinct. It's the inner goad. It's the drive of fate.

Duck: Yes! Morality is relative to you and the course of nature. Even if someone else has wisdom of what is to take place, or what they suppose to take place, there are degrees of what is right for you to do. Your verbally agreeing may inspire others to verbally agree and, like you, inwardly keep their truth. And in time, with wisdom, find a way to escape completely. And if not completely, then to a greater level than present. Everybody's way to the perfect way may be different. Currently I would say that everybody in some way has it different.

Josh: To live in perfect peace and happiness is a matter of space and time. And by space I mean present foreverness. The inability to be affected by others. But that too can be thwarted by others. The state can be space-time or space-space. The state is one's belief or oneness with that peace; or happiness; or perfection. It's being in tune with that which is. Perfection is ever-present in the universe. But relative to you, your attaining it and or keeping it, is the main focus or goal. Being in tune and keeping in tune. As well as trying to work to get others in tune so you and them will no longer be affected.

Duck: Insightful! and really it can be time-space or a time when we will live in that space or consciousness of peace.

Josh: You're right! And it will be a time when we will further the dimensions of heaven on earth. We will live like angels on earth. And in full. Now that does not mean that when we get to this perfect state there won't be degrees in evolving in the infinitude or endlessness of this peace. The emptiness of this peace will be and is perfect. Nothing greater, nothing less. However, when it pertains to joy, the strong rush or emotion of peace, and what it causes us to do, what we attain will be endless. That joy, like the peace, will be forever. But so many levels and degrees of this joy, like melodies or instrumental sounds, will be felt.

Duck: Powerful! And when you refer to the strong rush or emotion of peace, it can also be the strong rush or emotion of passion, which is peace. Peace is the mother of joy.

Josh: Yes! Beautiful! And you know what will be apart of this peace?

Duck: What?

Josh: Not forcing others to do good! That is, in what way or how they should do it.

Duck: I know because the system itself will prevent men from doing evil instead of good.

Josh: You will only be able to do good! And even now there are degrees and factors for doing good.

Duck: You're right! If you start giving everything you have away, what is most likely going to happen?

Josh: Well, in a capitalistic system, mostly likely you will go broke. And therefore, you will not be able to do anything. You will not be able to sustain yourself and grow wealth further.

Duck: You're right! you must have a plan. Being general and not specific is why the world has so many problems.

Josh: And being specific and not general is also why the world has so many problems.

Duck: Ha-ha

Josh: Ha-ha.

Duck: I remember you used to give so much of your money away. You were in the spirit. You did just to do and you also did to get something in return. And I believe that's why you are blessed with so much now, whether that is wisdom or a great amount of things.

Josh: I agree! Sometimes I did things just to do it, expecting nothing in return. And sometimes I did things with expectation of something in return. But whether I did it with or without expectation of something my heart still was in it.

Duck: For the sake of Grace and the sake of the Law which is apart of grace. Do freely but also understand the law of sowing and reaping. Everything on earth is free. The judgment for not honoring this law, or not having your mind set on it, is the guilt or condemnation you feel inside.

Josh: I never knew a man who gave and never expected nothing. Who never expected to feel good about what he did. Or to feel bad about what he did. ha-ha! Sometimes we don't want to give but something in us called love rages in us to give. Convicts because it sees the greater good.

Duck: You're right! And to add to that, I never knew a man who never expected to feel peace. The nothing is something. And it's worth something: Everything!

Josh: Although I still do good deeds now, I don't always have to be open about it. If my inner voice tells me to openly set an example I will do that.

Duck: Me too!

Josh: And even when it comes to money and capability, or resources, everybody cannot do the same. I feel we should do as we're led and with wisdom.

Duck: You have disproven the law that people state if you're not doing big now you won't do big later. I remember when you were working at a store not making that much and you used to give but not in large amounts, at least not all the time. And when you were promoted to another job, at another place, sometimes you were giving thousands and thousands of dollars away. And in proportion to what you were making that was a lot.

Josh: Why? Because the intention. I always had a desire! I always desire to do good to people. But as I've grown I've realized that people don't always have good intentions. People will make you go broke. Some people will just enjoy the thrill of taking advantage of you. It's not always what you're giving them, it's the fact they can use you. They love to use you. Which is bad. Because bad is knocking other people down to lift yourself up. And with no intention of getting them up in the process.

Duck: That's deep! They shouldn't be eased and you burdened. They should not bring you to a hopeless or helpless condition.

Josh: And when you have an intention that is bigger or greater for the world sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Sometimes your dedication and commitment to your craft or vocation is the giving you need to do. Sometimes, if not all the times, to some degree, it is the highest giving you can do. Taking care of you and others is true love.

Duck: And if you're becoming so one with people as yourself, then making that sacrifice of your own life may be giving for you.

Josh: Everybody's life is different. Everybody's life is relative. And yet everybody's life is the same.

Duck: I agree!

Josh: Likewise!

Duck: Some people may have to be selfish in certain areas of their life. Though they can give a smile, they may not be able to give a lot of money. They may be able to give you a hug but may not be able to give you something to eat. They may be able to give you food but not give you a place to stay. The may be able to give you food, money and a place to say but not give you the seed or egg to produce a child.

Josh: You're right! And sometimes they may be able to give you those things on paper but not be able to give it to you based on reason. They may have to save temporarily to gain more so that later they can do more.

Duck: Yes! Michael Jordan said it best: ''To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don't isolate.''

Josh: That statement is perfectly relative.

Duck: You can say that again!

Josh: I want to say it again and again and again! ha-ha

Duck: Ha-ha!

Josh: And you know there's something else I want to say. If a person has a Billion dollars and he gives ten percent of that, which is 100 million, he will have 900 million left over. Now if a person only has 100 dollars and he gives ten percent of that, which is ten dollars, $10, he will have 90 dollars left over. You see, Duck, the game that people play in the legal and corporate world.

Duck: Yeah! They will punish you for not giving if you only have a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars but look at how much they have left over if they give a million.

Josh: You're right! Give as you are led and with reason.

Duck: Give as you are led and with wisdom.

Josh: Nobody will control me but truth. And truth makes me free. It provides the ways for me to live freely and give freely according to reason.

Duck: Yes, and if we killed or destroyed the system of money and we all lived in harmony giving large amounts of things would be easy.

Josh: You're right about that!

Duck: Well, you take care, dear friend!

Josh: You do the same, Duck.

Duck: Have a blessed day!

Josh: Have a blessed night!


Topic(s) of this poem: care, giving, love, peace, reason, sacrifice, self, survival, wisdom

Form: Prose Poem

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