Cracker Barrel Full Of Endless Love! Poem by Bill Darrah

Cracker Barrel Full Of Endless Love!

Alright Jesica, first of all Merry Christmas! Wow, what an incredibly unique year this has truly, deeply turned out to be for me to experience with you every day since that fateful April 25th declaration of falling in love with you. I fully know I am not supposed to read too much into this thought, but if this year alone has been such a gigantic turning point in my life as well as my prospective outlook on actively living it out to the fullest potential of truly enlightened fulfillment because of your kind, considerate help, then I can't possibly wait to joyfully, exuberantly, moderately, and constructively anticipate what the next year has the golden opportunities to fulfill in my life! However, with that being said, I would really like to offer you the peace of mind that my feeling about this year's fulfillment and possible fulfillment next year would be mutually felt by you in some small way at least to offer you the chance of a lifetime to allow me to help you fulfill any need or desire any way you want me to as the best way I know how to truly thank you for all the simple, compassionate, kindhearted ways you have fulfilled my life with! As a truly inspirational validation to not stress you out this next year, please keep in mind this humble but provocative thought of how I have always been quick to think about you when my mind is clear of anger to successfully engage all my free lucid thoughts you inspire me to feel but slow to act upon my most significant thoughts when someone else extremely meaningful to me (like you) is actively involved throughout the expression of my thoughts, especially where true love is involved because of how much I want to genuinely care about you Jesica! As far as my 'God conscience' is concerned for your well-being as you so gracefully, beautifully brought up, the reason why I am able to bounce back from my defensive outbursts of anger is simply because you have made such a huge, impressive, positive impact on my life that there is absolutely nothing you could say or do that is going to change the way I care to feel about you Even though I Wholeheartedly realize every day you bless my life that love on Any Real level of significance must be well received 1st way before love could ever be successfully, effectively, thoroughly, and wholeheartedly given away, but more importantly given Back to the person who originally helped you receive any real feelings of love in the 1st place! Furthermore, if I didn't know any better from first-hand experience with you Jesica, I would say you are the type of woman who likes to passionately thrive upon adding so much more significance to everyone else's life than you actually feel capable of achieving, pursuing, and possessing within yourself 1st because people like me cannot Fully convince you to realize the Deeper lasting significance your life has Always had on mine than whatever significance you think my life could have on yours Jesica! In conclusion, if I have a way with words, then you have a way with emotions, which also means you have a way with words because most of my words expressed to you Jesica Vividly Originated from you emotions you placed in my heart to share back with you! So your emotions equal your words since I never had any emotions to translate into words Without your presence of emotions! Let that kindly sink in deep as you willingly ponder my Absolute Fascination with your emotions Jesica.....

William Darrah 22 April 2017

Sometimes it does not matter how much or how hard I wish to experience something real with someone I want so much to love....Until I get to experience what I'm wishing for, nothing ever seems to matter as much to me except my unfulfilled wish or the experience another person allows me to experience to fulfill at least some small portion of my wish to love....

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