Creation In Evolution Poem by Bill Darrah

Creation In Evolution

Imagine a world without Christianity. What would this life be like then? Would it change much or would it remain constant and unchanged in our daily lives? Would the human race be wise enough, compassionate enough, sympathetic enough, kind enough, and merciful enough to truly comprehend the immense impact of these emotions in the absence of Christianity in all its teachings of moral behaviors we might not otherwise ever recognize nor accept as such without the spiritual drive for ambition Christianity pursues us through today? Or is kindness, compassion, sympathy, and mercy purely our instinctive nature that we freely choose to ignore or pursue with the idea we are creating a purpose and significant meaning for our lives? It is difficult to answer any of these intriguing questions with any logical certainty given the fact Christianity is and always has been prevalent in our nation as well as around the world. Imagine how our world would have been like if Christianity had been denied its existence from the moment it was created, and not a single person today would have even the slightest clue what Christianity was or that it ever existed. Would we then create our own belief system about our existence, where we came from, how we should morally live, and where we would go, if anywhere, when our lives ended in death? Or would we simply live our lives impervious and apathetic to this concept of how and why we were created because one day we were going to die anyway, so what would be the reason for knowing this information? As depressing as this is, would we ever find hope without Christianity or would we remain in a constant state of hopelessness and despair as the deep depression of death would not only shape, but also keep us entombed in a bottomless grave of self pity, depravity, and misery with no possible chance for revival as our loved ones passed away? Secondly, is Christianity something humans created out of their inevitable and otherwise irreversible state of hopelessness, depression, lack of purpose and meaning, and their willingness to put an end to these dark feelings of doom and despair? As extremely controversial as this sounds, can any ONE of us accurately prove it wrong given the fact we were not there the very moment Christianity entered the world and has made its home here on Earth ever since it breathed life into the men and women who carried its message? Yet another intriguing question that must be explored is why has Christianity survived and flourished as a growing manifestation for so many hundreds of years if people thought it too apathetic and seemingly useless a belief system to worry its ramifications of significance of in the first place? Could it be that most of us feel we have no purpose or meaning without it due to our corrupted, self-conceited, and evil free will in living our lives the way we wish to treat other people's lives? Do we feel we have no spirit without the guidance of a spiritual force as God our creator has given us the mentality of conceiving? Are we able to have any control or influence on our spirit based on our actions and beliefs in the absence of the spiritual force of Christianity or is our spirit fixed and unchangeable from the time we are born since we were never in control of our creation in the first place? Given the fact we were never in control of our creation, how then can we ever possibly be in control of whether or not we are the byproducts of evolution as seen from a purely scientific and humanly tainted point of view dealing only in facts, history of events, and the knowledge of all that is concrete and observable with the naked eye, leaving no room for speculation of that which is unseen in the marvels that manufactured all of Earth's and universal creations? How can the creation quote the Creator? In other words, how can humans have absolute certainty and truth about a Creator if we were the byproducts of nature evolving or mutating into other forms and not the creation of our own Creator? How can anyone say where the light came from that created the heavens and the Earth? Sure, we know that apes are most like us from their DNA, but does that really mean we were created from them as mutations took their time and an incredibly long time at that given the extremely slow nature of all genetic mutations needed to shape us from the inside out as DNA constructs so immensely complex a form? Or could the Western thought of Darwin's life be possible in which each species resulted from a single and special act of divine Creation as described in the book of Genesis from the Bible? How can any scientist logically believe anything Christianity believes having no concrete, physical comprehension of faith and its abstraction of a divine Creator to even consider any of its commandments and principles governing life and it legitimate existence? Did evolution create the solar systems, the planets, Earth's atmosphere, or Earth's water and land masses? If all living, organic things evolve how come Earth is the only planet that has ever sustained true life? Where does any good scientist and human being draw the line between that which was originally created on a supernatural, spiritual basis of Christianity and that which was created in evolution as Earth's free will sought out as the only planet willing enough to sustain life and life much more abundantly than it originally was in the beginning? How do we honestly know that evolution wasn't something our Creator invented as free will of genetic mutations determined the future of its existence in all the variations made possible today for us to marvel at and extensively study the sheer beauty and immense complexity of the original creation? How can we experience any kind of unity of beliefs about our existence if we deny ourselves the consideration of sharing common descent with a Creator by choosing to accept the scientific basis at its face value that we are nothing more than evolutionary mutations with differing capabilities, adaptations, and mentalities that will only continue to diversify more adaptations in the future as Darwin's natural selection of free will best suits the environment given and sustained by our Creator?

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