Crossfire Poem by Jamal Brown


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I remember a time, when I thought
That was I happy. I remember when
I thought it was alright to lead a double
Life. I tried to convince myself that no one
Would ever find out. Then I saw a light.
I stepped into that light and became drowned
In an ocean of love and happiness. I stepped
Into a paradise. It was the greatest thing
I’d ever experienced.
Moving up in the world I just found,
Was like tasting the sweetest piece of
Chocolate Cake.
Now, I’m being pulled between
The world I knew and the world
That I know now. I’m caught in the
Between two worlds that I love.
But the question is: which
World do I love more?
I feel like a tennis ball being
Tossed between two rackets.
A bird who has to decide which
Way to fly.
I get the feeling that heaven is brurning,
And I'm the reason.
Or maybe I'm like hamlet 'To be, or not to be,
That is the question...'
Either way, I need help to know where I stand.
So I'm calling out to everyone who cares,
And asking the same question:
Will you be there?


truly amazing truly lovin it

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Crimson Love 17 November 2011

This poem is phenomenal, the emotions were felt. Truly a beautiful poem.

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Cosmic Dreamer 15 November 2011

On our journey through life never regret one single thing... For our experiences have forged the very person we have become... The time you need to regret, is when you look in the mirror and you don't like the person looking back... Very nice poem...

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Romeo Della Valle 13 November 2011

Of course, I will be there my friend! There are a lot of things that happen in life that only time can tell the final result! In life, like in love, we are presented with difficult choices to choose from but nevertheless, a choice must be made. Some are cheerful and other painful but a choice must be made and move on. This unquestionable act is part of our growing up! This is a well penned and deep write that deserved a 10+++ Keep inspiring the the World with more such talented writes! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City...

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