Crossroads Poem by Paul Storm


Rating: 4.8

A final
At the intersect

This release
From your lips

And for that

You turn with a
You will be ok?
I affirm

At the intersect
Singularly statuesque
Smiling bravely

note: revised, special thank you to Paul Butters and Edward Wright Haile for the corrections.

Anonymous *plz comment! * 22 January 2008

its a good poem, sad but very poetic

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Patricia Gale 26 January 2008

On the outside of course fine.... the hidden... never will be Home hitter.... all have experienced. Well done

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Francis Duggan 30 January 2008

A very good poem this one Nomi P you write well

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L. K. Thayer 17 February 2008

very nice. stark. nothing to hide behind.

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Riquetta Elliott 21 February 2008

Very well-written Nomi keep it up.

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Kiran Prasad 29 June 2010

i like the simplicity of your poems and this comment holds true for most of your writes.. but this one leaves me with a smile. a braveheart in misery. well done

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Paul Butters 17 April 2008

I'd like to think they were more 'suggestion' than 'correction'. Am honoured to be included in your notes. Thanks. Paul.

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Paul Butters 15 April 2008

Me again - Getting back to Edward below - You could of course use Both 'wordless' and 'unspoken' on separate occasions. However, to me 'unspoken' implies something unsaid - maybe some deep thought or feeling. On the other hand 'wordless' might (or might not!) be, just, well wordless. Just a thought. Keep typing. Paul.

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Paul Butters 15 April 2008

You seem to 'smile bravely' quite often - little option I guess. Like the poem. Paul.

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Edward Wright Haile 05 April 2008

I think line one shd be 'wordless' instd of 'unspoken' If she turns 'once more' when did she turn the first time? Sorry to be so critical, but it is a very tender lyric. Sounds like a soldier's goodbye.

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