Further From Heaven Poem by Paul Storm

Further From Heaven

Rating: 4.7

kissing the pavement
catching my drunken descent-
further from Heaven


Yeah...yir goin' the wrong way, Nomi...OBJECTIVE=ASCENSSION...lol! Very well penned Contemporary 'Ku, indeed...and in keeping with the traditional Zen syllabled metering of 5-7-5.Solid crafting. ~ FjR ~ ..2008..

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Kyle Shield Laster 08 July 2008

sorry...i just love your work. this poem describes how my life was for a while. its better now...i guess. i'm adding this one to my 'favs'. great write! !

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Rani Turton 01 May 2008

Interesting point of view. Hendrix in 'Purple Haze' says 'scuse me while I kiss the sky...'

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Paul Butters 15 April 2008

I fell once like this, when sober! ! ! ! So I drink whisky to keep my balance. This is a religious poem then. You must need plenty of whisky in Antarctica. Reminds me of an old black and white telly advert (in UK) : a guy approaches a bar: 'Must have a pint, been in all that Arctic snow...' Another guy pipes up, 'But I've been down South! ' First bloke: 'After you mate, you need it more than me! ' Cheers. Paul.

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Don Mcwilliams 05 April 2008

Tell me about it. I'm counting on playing catch-up at some point. Don

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Kee Thampi 28 March 2008

he writes for us kissing the pavement catching my drunken descent- further

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