Crown Me Victory Poem by Haven Leonel

Crown Me Victory

Crown me victory

There comes a point in all our lives
When we must open up our eyes
The future that we hope to see
Isn't always meant to be.

There are test and challenges we all face
It's experience that helps you win the race
So never regret a single moment
At one point it's something you wanted.

Looking back your past has guided you
It's helped you think about the things you do
Mistakes are fine, just learn from them
So next time it won't happen again

Also always make up your own mind
Once you make a choice you can't rewind
Don't let somebody hold you back
It only takes a second to be thrown offtrack

Befor you know it your living a life you wish you never had
Pass up one opportunity and things could go bad
We all want a life where we are proud, relaxed and glad
Not one that we regret that leaves us poor, upset and sad

So screw what people say, it's your life not theirs
The only one to listen to is the man upstairs
So beware, don't follow lust like quick decisions or affairs
You were given one soulmate and no one else compares

So when it comes to that, it may become confusing
Watch on who you turn your back, it may be 'the one' that your refusing
So think hard on the person that your choosing
Because the one you chose may not beat the one your losing.

I've finally realized myself that it's time to give in
I need to let my past go to let my future begin
I can't expect the world to dropp everything for me
So making the right choice was my responsibility

Life is hard to understand and I have to admit
There are moments and people in my life I will never forget
I've tried to be perfect but I'm nowhere close to it
But truth be told that's something I'm proud to accept

I have no regrets because I have someone who loves me
I am the center of their world and that's how itll always be
I'm anxious to know my future but I'll just wait to see
I'm a winner in my eyes so just crown me victory.

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