*wish*upon*a*star*-07 Poem by Selena Star


Rating: 3.2

Sitting outside
Wishing on a star
I wonder what you're doing
I wonder where you are

I can't help but think
'Will my wish ever come true?
Will i ever find that perfect guy?
Will i ever meet you? '

I take in a deep sigh
And let my head fall down
'Nothing like that ever happens
At least not on this side of town'

But then i hear a whisper
Blowing in the wind
It says 'Dont worry my love, I will come soon,
I'll be the one who's heart you'll mend'

Jordan Erickson 07 November 2007

Its beautiful. I hope you find your perfect guy. He's out there some where under the stars thinking the exact same thing. Will he ever find you?

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An endearing, straighforward structure here. t x

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Anita Blake 07 November 2007

great write hun! ! just wait he will come your way.

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 05 November 2007

Awsome poem. Great work...

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Sandra Fowler 05 November 2007

Very nice. I used to wish on stars when I was your age. May all your dreams come true. Warm regards, Sandra

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Kishore Asthana 18 February 2009

Selena, Just read some of your poems. I liked them. I do hope you get over your writer's block soon.

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Alex Rios 20 March 2008

Wow! that was really good! I liked it! Keep up the writing! -Alex

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Chaotic Life - Curly M. 12 January 2008

I Love Your poem you are such a great poet and i have to admit you are better than me Curly

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Rosemary Dupree 18 November 2007

Such talent coming from someone so young.Your are truly blessed. I love your poem. Thanks for sharing. Rosemary

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Justine Keaton 10 November 2007

Awesome write, you are a really good poet. ~Justine~

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