Was Cutting Really Worth It? Poem by Selena Star

Was Cutting Really Worth It?

Sittin on the floor
In the bathroom, again
'Is it even worth it'
I look down at my arm
Theres blood draining from my wrist
Its comming out like a waterfall
I have to crawl to the sink
Beacuse im too weak to stand
I rinse off my wrist,
And get a towel to stop the bleeding
The towel doesnt work
So i turn on the faucet to the tub
'This is it',
I think to myself
'Im tired of living day, after day,
Just WAITING to die! '
So i reach for the razor,
And get in the tub
'Now they cant say,
That i get in their way! '
Rite in my throat
All you see is my body
Slouch down in the water
The faucet is still on...
So ovcourse my parents knew somethin was wrong
Especially when the water...
Drained all the way to the kitchen
They opened the bathroom door
To find me dead
In a pool of blood and water
Now i sit here in hell
'Was it all worth it? '
I couldve been at home...
Or in church
Gettin re-born,
Being saved,
And a long way down the road of recovery,
I wouldve reached heaven,
But i was impatient,
So now im stuck in hell,
For eternity!
So i want you to ask yourself
'Is cutting really worth it? '
Well, if you think living a life in hell
Is good
Then go ahead,
Cut yourself
But why live a life in hell
When you could be
With the father of all fathers?
You could be 'daddy's little gurl/boi'
He can provide you
With everything you want
But just ask yourself
'Is cutting really worth it? '

The Dreamers Movement 28 November 2007

I got the chills (which means I liked it! !) This is an amazing poem! ! Glad you wrote it! !

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Casey Gauthier 22 October 2007

cutting is never worth it. life is worth it.

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jazmine kristen 03 August 2007

WOW...I love this poem alot of ppl should ask them self that question.

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Selena Star

Selena Star

no need ta knw
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