' Dark Surrender Poem by Linda Ori

' Dark Surrender

Rating: 2.7

The night wind moans uneasy
As dying embers leap,
Somnolence enveloping
The chambers of the keep;

My soul in transit restless,
Sleep eludes me now -
A silent voice seducing me,
Cold breath upon my brow;

Danger creeps around me
On velvet paws of lust,
Longing to possess my soul,
Transform my flesh to dust;

Icey fingers stroke my flesh,
Ignite my wanton skin -
Frozen lips upon my neck
Now brand me from within;

Drink deep, sweet prince of darkness,
Alleviate my fear -
Satiate your hunger
My salvation drawing near;

Sup my mortal essence,
Justify the toll -
Ferry me on velvet wings
To the dark side of your soul;

Grant me immortality,
Extinguish now my light -
Shelter me in darkness..................
Commend me to your night.



David Harris 28 October 2009

Linda, what a wonderful gripping poem. Your words just drove me on to read this piece. Top marks plus and thanks for sharing it with us my friend. Hugs David Happy Halloween.

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Scarlett Treat 28 October 2009

When I read this on forum, I just had to come here and add it to 'my favorites' and vote it a 10, for I think it is a truly good piece of scary, bone-chilling fear! ! Well done! !

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Daniel Kempson 28 October 2009

Yes read it on the forum so good thanks Daniel 10

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Jim Hogg 13 December 2011

You're a very naughty girl Linda Ori! But of course you were only thinking of the metre and rhyme when you were writing this...never lingering for a moment on the content... ... spell.. binding as always! X

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Yelena M. 11 November 2009

Darkness pervades your poem, and yet there is some immaculate beauty in it. Loved the flow, thanks for sharing, Linda. Yelena M.

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David Scott 07 November 2009

Ahh, I came across this one a week too late. Oh well, I still see remnants of Halloween around me, so it's better late than never. Great writing, Linda!

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Patti Masterman 28 October 2009

This is exquisite. To some of us (both under and over the age of 40) this is more real than imaginary. Love this style and the bewitchment of the words. (smile)

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Ramesh T A 28 October 2009

A surprising poem from you! Yet it is interesting to the end!

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