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I wait for those days my dear, when I can really see you,
You are a suspense thriller for me, honey, I am yet to see your face
Wonder, what is there in those eyes, which looks I don't know where:
Wonder what is that you, search in me dear, I wish I could understand you.....

You make me wonder, what should I do, what should I be......:
What if I say, will make you happy, and what will get you closer to me.........
At times I wonder, are you a puzzle, Honey, many friends I had, many friends I have
But never anyone, who has really bowled me out.........

You are the one, who has that effect on me dear,
You are the one, I dream about.....I think of you with me...
Walking hand in hand, in the woods, in the parks, , , , , , ,
And if ever I miss a step, I am sure you will catch me tight......
And never let me go, honey, i am sure............

I have never seen you, but I can always feel you,
I can feel you with me, talking to me, looking at me,
Those eyes look straight into mine, searching for me........:
I wish I could cuddle in your arms, and feel you all over,
I wish I could just sit beside you and feel your warmth......
I wish I could make you happy dear.......
For, dear, you are the only lovely friend I have............love you

Vipins Puthooran 04 January 2012

Wow, 'tis an excellent poem/I relish reading this wonderful poem/ Love, care, hope and dream all are in this poem! ! ! Top marks! ! !

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