Dead Babies Poem by Ted Sheridan

Dead Babies

Rating: 3.6

We are the Dead Babies
To whom no voice was ever given
Only taken with force...
We are the Discarded Embryos
Without a name or a bed
For our tiny little heads
Pulled from life and Mother's womb
Our Father in Heaven weeps
His gift having been disgraced and refused
We are the Dead Babies
Blown apart by Man's bombs
Run over by His tanks and war machines
Cut in half by His long knives
Then fed to His cattle and sheep
We are the Dead Babies
Starved and covered with flies...
Devoured by Jackals and genocide
In the bush of Darfur and Sudan
We are the Dead Babies
To whom you close your anesthetized eyes
As you shake your shameless heads....
Oh Well....

2007 © T Sheridan


I was hoping this wasn't going to be insensitive (if you take my point which of course you do) and it isn't - it's one of the harshestly, realistically, therefore appropriately put pacifist peices I have encountered. Goodonyer Ted. t x

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Scarlett Treat 29 June 2007

There is so much pain...and embarrasment...and shame in this piece of work that I don't know where to begin...but it states so clearly the plight of the innocents... I don't think I have ever read a deeper, more painful poem, and that ending..Oh, Well! just says it all.

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Alison Cassidy 29 June 2007

A harsh uncompromising cri de coeur that pulls the reader up and demands his/her attention. You have tackled a painful subject with anger and with grace. A potent combination. The first of yours I've read. I look forward to more. love, Allie xxxx

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Melvina Germain 30 June 2007

You definitely are not a complacent individual, you speak your mind and tell it like it is, no matter how harsh. That's just what we need in this world more people that have the guts to stand up and speak out as you are doing here. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one on this site that opens cans of worms and let's it all out. Good for you Ted, excellent work.--Melvina--

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you missed out on iraq and afghanistan, marines that sleep with the locals, babies already dead before they are born, , I remember as a child the pictures of vietnamese kids fathered by an american hope and a drugged out woman of vietnam.. the whole thing sucks, without hurting your american sensibilities, its everywhere, someone is doing it to someone.. our actions kill the future of mans child unborn unwept. a very hard hitting poem indeed firoze shakir

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fanniesson - 09 July 2007

God, I wish this was mine

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Greg Dent 04 July 2007

Well, I am against abortion, and it always amazes me that those who call themselves 'liberal' will stand by and assert their 'right' to kill the innocents. 'Behold the place now reserved in Dis For the fiends who slaughter sweet Iris' Greg Dent

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Anna Russell 01 July 2007

Phew! What a write Ted, what a write. (of course, I'm not anti-abortion, just had to say that!) . But this is so hard hitting a powerful. A well deserved 10 from me. Hugs Anna xxx

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C.R. Ebowski 01 July 2007

Beautifully written Ted. The truth is harsh but valid.

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