Dead Drummers Beat. Poem by J.A McManus

Dead Drummers Beat.

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I can hear the pounding of the dead drummers beat
Telling me the secrets that only they can keep
From within their never-ending, dark, dreamless sleep
Lost forever in the waters, so vast and deep.

They tell me of the days when the earth was still young
They teach me the lyrics of songs that they once sung
They tell me tales of bloody battles that they fought
And about all of the lessons which they were taught.

They describe exotic goods from old market stalls
And the ruined insides of their once splendid halls
They tell me of walls made from the strongest of stones
But they were no match for the ocean’s deadly groans.

So now they lay in the waters, so vast and deep
Trapped for eternity in death’s dark, dreamless sleep
Whispering the secrets that only they can keep
Can you hear the pounding of the dead drummers beat?

sky dreams 14 November 2009

this is such an interesting poem.. captivating and creatively written with the subject showing the clear intelligence of the writer.. i fully enjoyed reading this

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Anne Unknown 11 October 2009

Yes, I do. It has a intellectual flow to the words. And it kept me interested the whole way through. You should be very proud of this poem. And I will look for your new poems you said you would write. Until the next poem.

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Ian Curtis 16 September 2009

Mate I listen to a lot of dead drummers, I'd say each one would be proud of this

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The answer is 'Yes Yes' I can hear the pounding of the dead drummers beat. A great big idea with a unique title! Lots of scary images too! I think I will leave the light on tonight when I go to bed! Top marks Karin

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Aparna Sinha 16 September 2009

One Word- LOVELY! what is your inspiration for this is so beautifully crafted! please ask other members to read it too! I am sure they will love it.

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J.A McManus

J.A McManus

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