Christmas Rush. Poem by J.A McManus

Christmas Rush.

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I used to hate the Christmas rush
With endless queues that flow out shop doors
Packed with people that push and shout
As they run around the crowded stores.

I used to hate the Christmas buzz
My money is gone before it’s earned
I’m really not keen on turkey
Especially when it’s bloody burned.

I used to hate the Christmas fuss
All I can hear is some festive tune
My house looks like the Vegas strip
So full of bright lights, they dim the moon.

But now I have kids, I try to
Make Christmas perfect in every way
Because their small, smiling faces
Makes my festive pain just melt away.


This is beautiful. From annoyance to appriciation.

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Ivor Hogg 21 October 2009

I enjoyed the concept and I used to feel the same.But children mellowed me.Now they grown up and flown the nest.I tend to get annoyed at the mass of adverts. We have a quiet xmas and dont need reminding we have gifts to buy in fact we have been since last xmas

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Great poem John. I could relate to your poem so well with the rush, spending too much money. Children create the magic at Christmas and when children leave home, like ours have, we can see the magic through our grandchildren's eyes. This is the second Christmas poem I have read tonight, so happy saving for Christmas! 10 love Karin

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Surya . 20 October 2009

children and family makes the christmas enjoyable always.nice poem surya

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Surya . 20 October 2009

children and family make all the difference in christmas.nice poem. voted10 surya

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thomas carolan 27 November 2009

lovely words and so true

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Lynda Robson 30 October 2009

A wonderful poem John, the Christmas rush is worse every year, and it's getting nearer by the day lol, well written 10 Lynda xx

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Terence Nabbs 28 October 2009

hi john just read christmas rush it's a is for the family. read my christmas TERRY.

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Charlotte Riley 26 October 2009

I love the repetition, it made me laugh and that you bare it for your children was an enjoyable poem to read =)

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this is a fine poem.

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J.A McManus

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