The Storm (A Pallindrome Poem.) Poem by J.A McManus

The Storm (A Pallindrome Poem.)

Rating: 4.4

Darkness always calling
Clouds gathering
Winds blowing cold
Rains pouring
Falling forever falling
Windows shuddering
Doors slamming
Chimneys tumbling
Children crying
Adults hiding
Animals shrieking
Thunder rolling
Lightning screaming
Shadows dancing
Storm raging
Raging storm
Dancing shadows
Screaming lightning
Rolling thunder
Shrieking animals
Hiding adults
Crying children
Tumbling chimneys
Slamming doors
Shuddering windows
Falling forever falling
Pouring rains
Cold blowing winds
Gathering clouds
Calling always darkness.

Padraic O' Reilly 13 October 2009

This was a really kool idea. Great read.

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John Knight 30 October 2009

Hi John - Palindrome poems are very difficault to compose because of the clumsy and ungramatical inversions that can occur in the second half. You have cleaverly avoided this by using short sentences (2 or 3 words) that are grammatical and meaningful backwards or forwards. The drama of the storm (due to your excellent choice of words) is equally dramatic and real in the second half - as in the first - perhaps even more so! You have overcome the major problem (inversion) of plaindromes in a very neat way. I score it ten for the excellence of content and form. You have a positive comment from Pat Masterman - she is a master of the palindrome and has posted some excellent examples. Yours in Poetry - JOHN

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Patti Masterman 21 October 2009

Could really feel this storm brewing. Clever, ingenious crafting all though it.

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Neil Singleton 15 October 2009

now this is how you speak poetry.. the worlds full of so many meaning, . when i was reading it i felt it between my sent.. very sweet work..8/10

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Anne Unknown 15 October 2009

the pallindrome poem almost gives you a tension about the thunder from the storm well done 10.

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This has great repetition and reads both ways so you have perfectly caught the form and the storm and I can feel the tension in the air. It is compelling reading and you have done a great job of this. 10 love Karin

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J.A McManus

J.A McManus

Carlisle, Cumbria
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