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Dear Daddy

Rating: 4.1

Dear daddy
I am saying
I have never said to you
I love you
You are the bestest father
In the world
Which I wished for
You fulfilled
Without thinking
Twice and thrice
You made me
What I am today
You made
Little toys from wood
For me
From day
To night
From dawn
To eve
You work hard
For me
To fill
To full
The wish
I would make
You read
And heard
The unspoken
Mute words
Of my inner world
You taught me
The values of life
Of mine
Of every one
To raise voice
Against inequality
You met me
With the feeling
Of self satisfaction
The embrace of your arms
Were always there
For me
When ever I was low
You helped me
In taking first step of my life
And you taught me
To stand
To fall
To uphold
When ever
I was in shredder
Your presence makes
My life my day
You taught me
Worrying about
The past is vain
You are the best companion
Of my sequestered days
Its excruciating
For me
To spend
Any day any night
Any dawn any eve
Any season
Any moment
Without you
No words
Are worthy
To thank you
What you have done
For me
But I wAnt to
Thank you daddy
I have never said this to you before
But today
I want to say
I love you daddy

Thursday, December 22, 2016
İntrospection Poems: 54 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: daddy,love
Kumarmani Mahakul 24 December 2016

A father is the best and true companion for his child, true guide and best teacher ever. This poem reflects poet's fatherly love and this is very nice and interesting. This is a nice tribute too. An excellent poem! ..10

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Mithilesh Yadav 22 December 2016

Great one mam......... Often being in job of back office a father is backbone of everything we are made capable of byhe Divine..... Great dedication to your father as well to every father on this heaven of humans

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Tom Allport 22 December 2016

a nice poem of giving and sharing a fathers love

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Abhilasha Bhatt 22 December 2016

Thank you for your lovely words sir :)

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 December 2016

Nice dedication! For your Dad. Please, try to send him a copy of this poem. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Abhilasha Bhatt 22 December 2016

Sure sir.....thank you for your lovely comment :)

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