Eating Poems: 240 / 500

Dear Lindsey

Rating: 3.7

that's the last thought i have -
of you and Candace
bringing in the raffle gifts to the house.

i left the next morning.

it was snowing and it settled in the cracks of the brick
sleeved over my Pledge book
i had snuck into the space between the wall & the gutter
Initiation Night.

that's the last thought i have -
of two yrs gone by:
you and a pledge blonde
trucking in the heavy brown boxes
to raffle away for a greater cause.

and me,
sitting on the blue sofa,
quietly eating my tomato soup
like some goddamned commercial.

Melanie Emiko 11 March 2007

I'm afraid I have nothing quite sensible to share, about Eliot, etc. But I would say this one is really great. Inconclusive, so much to ponder.

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Will Barber 22 December 2006

The 'objective correlative' thing - yes. Eliot described it, and this a brilliant example of it. But I think that the poem reminds me more of Chinese poetry - which, perhaps, Eliot admired? A brilliant, evocative write. As Sandra said, it leaves much to the imagination. This poem is worthy of inclusion in an anthology of Imagist verse.

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Sandra Fowler 15 December 2006

Very powerful and evocative. Like an abstract painting, it leaves much to the imagination of the reader. Warm regards, Sandra

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Robert Howard 13 December 2006

I was intrigued by Michael G's reference to Eliot. I too have observed a parallel to Eliot in your recent work and am delighted by it

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Michael Gessner 08 December 2006

The art of implication-the sense of loss, estrangement, futility, taken away from this-overwhelms-it is a perfect match to us all-each of us has been on that blue sofa, a still frame, a final snapshot... The poem gives living images to what is that sense of 'others going off'-if the snow in the cracks of the brick isn't Eliot's objective correlative at work, what is?

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