Sipping Feelings, Spiritual Red Poem by TaMaRa HaNaRiNg ,(((( PaLeSTiNe))))FreedOm Flottila .

Sipping Feelings, Spiritual Red

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To imitate..
you have to learn how to wait,

your fear is very clear
with my heart I can hear,
with my eyes auscultate,

speed of light to a crawling
can't be rate

day by day, shedding tears
when you bear, deeply love accumulate,

your dreams were a bed, her dreams as a kid
only love her bread,

to be loved with a will
colored patience,
raising head,
to be you, eating thoughts,
sipping feelings,
spiritual red,

To be high or to fall, to be alive or a dead,
in between is a piece of a thread,

To be unique, you have to be as the greek
with a history, never fake
To be you, united be soul and mind
all of you, no one break

To be an ocean you have to be many seas,
many lakes
To be a true, always be only you.

Rachel Butler 08 November 2009

'Never fake To be you, united be soul and mind all of you' Rachel Ann Butler

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Noel Horlanda 19 November 2009

this is nice, younger version of the proverbs...cheers

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ohhhhhhhhh..lolllllllll you truly made me laugh..

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Jen Capaldi 11 September 2009

Tamara, you have yet again penned a creative, unique, free flow poem that seems to have poured right out of your heart and onto paper. it is a great thought provoking poem that at the same time has greatly imaginative metaphors in your own beautiful way. as always while reading your poetry, i have not been let down.great work! Jen

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Meggie Gultiano 12 September 2009

a wonderful piece..from end to end

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Albert Price 01 February 2011

That fifth line gives me the idea that the poet has had a very sublime experience.

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Adnan Khalifeh 19 May 2010

Nice challenge. Enormous feelings but fake expression... I think you are hiding your fears and your desires behind strong words trying to mix your wishes with unsatisfactory reality. Yes my dear love is full of passion but it is not that much complicated (the way I figure from your poem) . The world started by a word and the love might sparkle with one clear confident expression. Hoping you get what you really want. Adnan.

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Taylor Kincherlow 03 May 2010

I love how the meaning is masked but the whole poem has perfect meaning to you the poet. Very nice

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Ken E Hall 09 January 2010

Lots of real feelings or should I say Real quotes on life as you should live, inner happiness the gem to keep the theme of of avatar....knockout write+++10 regards

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Sadiqullah Khan 21 November 2009

Excellent imagery, flambouyance as usual, at the top of the world.10s

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