Alone Poem by emo girl


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Sitting alone.......
in my dark creepy room..........
and that abhorrent feeling
is eating my soul.................

It really hurts
when you feel you are alone...............
still waiting..
for some one to come and knock your door...........
or even give you a call...............
still waiting..
for someone to help you through it all....
still waiting..
for someone who can prevent the fall of your soul...........

I cant understand
people anymore...........
and i have adesire
to crush them all...............

I want to fly to another palce
that is safe.....and warm......
where i can find a friend to tell me:
never frown...............
cause you are not a lone.........anymore...

Ellen Saunders 20 April 2009

I'm trying ever so hard NOT to be discouraging right now... But i really didn't enjoy this at all. The fact that this is even in the top 500 list (let alone being in the 100s) is really quite depressing, more so than the poem is intended to make us feel. I'm not trying to be hurtful at all - please keep that in mind. Just step outside the borders of these hackneyed types of poems and do something original! Everyone feels like this sometimes, and if this is how you like to express these feelings, keep doing it! However, please do readers a favour and let your style evolve into something more than mediocre, teenage angsty-type writing. At least to justify that 170 position!

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Tyler Cobb 29 April 2022

Yes it's true it's a depressing poem. But it's one of the top because of how well written it is. Not because of how it makes each individual feel!

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Tony B. 08 December 2008

i think its sad that is poem is on the list of the top 500 with john keats and walt whitman and sylvia plath...etc. its nothing indredible or even worthy of being on the list. its cliche and overly sentimental...its nothing that hasnt been written before by every angry lonely teenager.

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a sad poem but how are you alone with all these readers

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Kevin Gamba 24 February 2009

what the? ? ? ? 172-alone by emo girl 200 -Sonnet 43 - How do I love thee? Let me count the ways what the? ? ? ?

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T.B 14 September 2022

this poem old asf

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Kaila George 20 June 2012

I can understand why it reached the top 500...shes talking about more than what the eye can see, people alone at times think of harmful things...people alone often think too much and become void in life, why hasnt anyone come to see if your alive, does anyone care, a person has their reasons for being alone, they even have their reasons for not wanting to move at all depending on their frame of mind. She may be an emo teenager but shes a good poet, I like her write its sad but brillant.

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Konstantin Filipov 15 July 2010

a person said to be once, 'solitude is a good place to visit but not to stay long'. Love the darkness and pain in your poem made me feel alone for a few moments as well.

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Fantastic poem... Read my poem, all alone...

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Jade Mcnaughton 11 August 2009

i think this is a good poem youve expressed well how we can all feel sometimes

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