Death In Us All Poem by Tracey Owens

Death In Us All

Rating: 4.7

Death is always there waiting
for the years, days, and hours
to pass by.
Death is something that
no one can beat.
It will always wins in the end.
Death is not to be feared
because beyond it is
something far greater.
No matter what path we
choose, death will always
be there.
Death is waiting on us all.

Gold Fish 09 October 2009

Death is inevitable. I like the way you convey this fact of life through the words in your poem. Even though death is inevitable, many people are not ready to die. The most significant lines in your poem are these: 'Death is not to be feared because beyond it is something far greater.' Unfortunately, many do not realize or accept this very fact. Thanks for writing the poem. Very true.

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Lycko Chizo 23 July 2009

I like the line 'Death is not to be feared...there a far greater' it make me feel that death is n0t a bad thing it's for better things to come.

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Wesley Mincin 23 July 2009

As Kylie has stated, this poem is not pessimistic nor is it dismal and gloomy. It's basically sitting back and giving you the facts of reality. This is a good poem because though it's not deep or anything like that, it has a point. There is meaning in the poem.10 -Wes

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Kylie Pastor 15 July 2009

I like the way you described death with out being too dark or too goth but enough to deeply understand death. Nice use of words.

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