Death Of A Cabin Boy

Rating: 5.0

The dream I had was fierce and strong yet somehow I knew
I did not belong; on a ship that was lost at sea where the waves
were so high that they almost drowned me. As the storm blew in the
men held fast then down to the deck came her mast. The Captain
tried to steer her west but the ship was being held back,
by a fierce tempest. You could hear her creak againts the tide
as her hulk rolled from side to side. Only one of us was safe
from harm, but who that was left ere calm.
The Cabin boy lay on the deck with rope and mast
about his neck, his back was broken, and no words
could be spoken.Blood was flowing from his head
and all onboard knew he was dead.
They wrapped him up in linen rag then placed him
in a canvas bag. The storm had gone and the sea was calm,
then in went the boy away from harm.
A young lad who wanted to be free just to spend his life
going to sea. God has given him his life long wish
as he swims in the ocean with the fish.
My dream had left me as quickly as it came,
the one about the Cabin Boy who died on The Maine.

Ernestine Northover 19 June 2006

A very moving and sad poem Sylvia. Very well written though and a beautiful read. Love Ernestine XXX

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Duncan Wyllie 19 June 2006

Very powerful and compelling write here Sylvia, I love your unique style and emotion in your writes Love Duncan X

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Sandra Fowler 19 June 2006

What a powerful write, Sylvia. So beautiful and sad. The mood stays with me. Encore! Love always, Sandra

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